Favorite Foodie Podcast

The 3 Food Podcasts You Should be Listening to Right Now

I have found a new love. Podcasts. They make such a great replacement for the morning radio in my car, and as background noise as I work. I love cooking shows, so I knew I would love food podcasts. If you are looking to try a few new foodie podcasts to add to your list, I would suggest checking out any of the ones listed below.


Americas Test Kitchen Radio

If you like Cooks Country, you will love this. Callers submit questions, ask for help, they explain findings from food experiments, give kitchen equipment reviews, taste testings for store bought products, describe recipes, and interview cooking icons. I really like this one because it is just like their TV show, but I can have it on at work or when I am cooking.

Bon Appetit Podcast

Bon Appetit Foodcast

This is a great one for anyone that loves food. Round table discussions, interviews, and stories. Practical tips for modern foodies. I especially love the down to earth discussions they have on the foodcast. I feel like I am sitting around with friends talking what we are going to cook for dinner tonight. The hosts and guests know how to enjoy good food, but don’t leave healthy food out of the equation.

The Sporkful Podcast

The Sporkful

Lots of food storytelling, industry news etc. The host Dan Pashman lives and breathes food culture. I knew this show was for me when I heard the episode “The Agony and Ecstasy of School Lunch” where they told stories and memories of lunchtime in school.

All of the listed podcasts can be listed to on Stitcher or downloaded on iTunes. I do want to warn you, listening will make you hungry! But they provide inspiration to keep trying new things, and listening generally makes me feel less guilty about “nerding out” over food. Any other food podcasts that you would suggest?


The Perfect Foodie Date Night to Get Out of Syracuse

This Friday, my boyfriend and I planned on going out to the zoo after work to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was one of the first evenings we had off together that we had no plans! Well, someone..not naming names…read the zoo’s hours wrong and unfortunately, they were closed by the time we were about to head out the door. But luckily, we ended up taking a different route and had a great night.

Beak and Skiff Deck
We really just wanted to get out of the city and see some green grass, nature, living things etc. and sit outside with a well-earned drink. So first we drove to Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards in Lafayette, NY. They had a live band playing, and had their kitchen and tasting room open for extended hours. We did a $3 tasting for fun and tasted about 6 of their hard ciders, 3 of their wines, and their gin in their beautiful exposed beam and mega huge windowed barn. They seemed to know their stuff and were very generous with their pours.

Beak and Skiff Tasting Room
Then we bought a few of our fav ciders and went out to their deck area to soak in the view. It was just perfect. We played a little corn hole, enjoyed the sunshine and live music. There were families with babies and dogs so honestly what else can you ask for. I then upgraded to a bloody mary with their housemade mix and vodka, and we shared a fruit and cheese plate that was SO good. They gave us generous wedges of gouda, brie and blue cheese. It was a great snack to hold us over until dinner.

Beak and Skiff Apple OrchardBeak and Skiff Bloody Mary

Once the bloody mary started to hit me, we headed out to Ironwood Pizza in Manlius, NY. Honestly, I have had pizza in Florence and Rome. My parents have a woodfired pizza oven that I have cooked the best pizza I could in. Their pizza was some of the best wood fired pizza I have ever had. They had a great selection of craft beers and a cute outdoor area. We shared some IPAS and a spinach ricotta and margarita pie. The pizzas we not over topped, cooked perfectly, well seasoned and the crust was so crispy but still doughy. Just perfect.

Ironwood Pizza

We finished the night with an ice cream cone at Stewarts. I get a lot of slack for loving Stewart’s ice cream, but I am convinced that it tastes so much fresher because they use local dairy. I got a dark chocolate salted caramel swirl flavor. All in all it was a great night to enjoy some great food and drink outside! I highly suggest going to both Beak and Skiff and Ironwood! Great for when you just want to get out of Syracuse, and explore a little.


Stewarts Ice Cream Cone