5 Veggie Valentine’s Dinner Ideas

Valentine’s day. Whether it is your first or fortieth time celebrating with your special someone, there is no denying it- going out is a mega pain. Every nice restaurant in town is packed with reservations, movie theaters, bowling alleys and any other go-to “date”night locations are packed. Over the years I have found that celebrating Valentine’s day at home is much less stressful, and much more fun.

I have compiled a list of easy, economical, and delish dinner ideas that pair perfectly with board games and a redbox movie. They are simple enough so that you are not stuck in the kitchen cooking all night, and you can snuggle up on the couch and relax, but special enough to make the night a real treat.

1- Build the perfect cheese board.  Treat yourself and take a trip to the “fancy” cheese section of the grocery store. As Ashley from Hither & Thither suggests, get creative and go for what you love! Splurge on some artisinal crackers, bread, olives, and spreads.


2- Make your own pizza. Again, get creative and try something new! Homemade pizza dough is easy. The Roberta’s Pizza recipe proves that a great pizza dough can be tossed together with items you probably already have in your pantry. Make a few mini pizzas topped with different things, or go for a big heart shaped pie so you can instagram it later.


3-Breakfast for dinner, chocolate chip heart pancakes. Top with strawberries whipped cream, real maple syrup, nuts and coconut. Swap in whole wheat flour, coconut oil or flax eggs to make a bit healthier.


4-Slow cooker butternut squash soup. Cozy up up with a spicy, creamy, hearty bowl of veggie goodness. Gimmie some oven’s recipe can be tossed in the crockpot, left to cook for a few hours, then blended when ready to eat. Grab a crusty loaf of bread to go with it, simple and delicious dinner.


5- Mini chocolate cheesecakes. Nothing says Valentine’s day like chocolate. These mini chocolate cheesecakes with salted caramel topping are perfect for a date night in. I love the small portion recipe because sometimes you want a treat, but don’t want the leftovers hanging around the house all week!



Enjoy! What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Comment below.



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