Thug Kitchen Roasted Beet & Quinoa Salad

While I am not a huge “new year new me” kinda person, I did have a few things that I wanted to try to keep up this year. Some of these things are eating foods with short and pronounceable ingredient lists, moving toward what I call a “selective vegan” diet – eating my favorite dairy and egg products as a treat rather than an everyday food, and trying new things. One of these new things came to me as a secret santa gift from a coworker in the form of a Thug Kitchen cookbook. If you haven’t heard of about Thug Kitchen, their recipes are designed to “cut through the bullshit” and teach the average person how to cook for a healthy, ethical and practical diet. The book and their website give a good laugh, dropping f-bombs and the #truth in every recipe.

I love to cook, and I love to come up with creative new dishes, but I took this gift as a sign- to try and actually follow new recipes. So when I came home with a bunch of great stuff from the farmers market including beets and kale, and came across this recipe, I gave it a shot. I diiiiiid have to do some adaptations. I didn’t have mustard, and I was not about to only cook 3 beets when I had 5 in the fridge. But I did actually measure things! I didn’t just eyeball the dressing! I almost threw in some asparagus for fun, but refrained. Baby steps.

I won’t give away the secret recipe, but the salad starts with peeled and diced beets roasted in a simple dressing. The recipe says to roast for 20 mins at 400 degrees but mine came out at 20 mins hard as a rock- so I will say roast at least 35 minutes. Then just cook quinoa as directed and fold in sliced kale while warm. 

Overall, a great side or main dish over a bed of greens. Check it out, and enjoy!



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