Vegetarian Food you have to try in London & England


Sunday “Roast”

Grab a few friends and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in a cozy pub or at a restaurant. A Sunday roast isn’t just about the food, it is about hanging out with your friends and family, having a pint and a delicious meal before starting a new week. While the traditional English Sunday Roast includes beef, chicken or lamb, many restaurants and pubs offer a vegetarian option such as a nut roast ( think veggie burger meets stuffing). Yorkshire pudding, roasted veggies, and crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside potatoes.



I must admit, I am obsessed. In London, there is a good chance there is a place to grab a falafel within walking distance to you no matter where you are in the city. Deep fried balls of a seasoned chickpea mash on top of a pita with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and yogurt sauce. The perfect lunch you can walk with or snack after the pubs and clubs. You have to get one from a street vendor to get the full experience.


Brick Lane Curry

The heart of the Bangladeshi community is in Brick Lane, and if you like Indian food, you must try it here. Peek into one of the many restaurants and sit down for a nice meal.


High Tea

Many hotels and some restaurants offer a high-tea. Dress in your best and enjoy a proper english afternoon snack. Have some tea, scones with clotted cream (think butter meets whipped cream) small sandwiches and  cakes. Perfect for a girls day, or something to do with your family.


A Pint of Hard Cider

Pop into a local pub for a tall pint of hard cider. Refreshing, sweet, and always cold. Perfect as a treat after school or work. Better yet, enjoy it in a beer garden and mingle with other pub-folk.


A Proper English Breakfast 

An English staple, toast, an egg sunny side up baked beans, and Canadian bacon. You have to try it at least once!

Photos taken by myself. 


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